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Knowledge is the key to success.
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Be stimulated mentally in order to think and act more creatively and more productively.

"A good teacher explains, a superior teacher demonstrates and a great teacher inspires."


Marc is an exceptional orator, he distinguishes himself from others by his expertiseMarc Sluszny inspiratie 1 and ease. With pose and mastery in captivating large audiences, his keynote address has received the highest commendations. As a role model Marc seeks to lead by example. Based on over 30 years of experience, he will provide you with his extensive know-how. 

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There are many keynote speakers, but the difference between regular and great can make a huge difference when it comes to making an impact at your next conference or event.

Because an exceptional keynote speaker doesn’t just have great public speaking skills, he also has the special qualities that gets your audience interacting, thinking and acting—long after the conference is over.

Choose Marc Sluszny as keynote speaker and ensure the success of your event.


  • he is an entertaining expert
  • who understands your audience
  • and is truly passionate

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Even the best seek coaching. Take that first step in pursuit of  your goals.

A few of the many testimonials on Marc Sluszny as a mental coach & keynote speaker.


"Thank you for showing us the way. You have inspired us to reach higher highs."

BASF - Ludwigshafen

"Huge, positive changes to my life. Very happy about our work together."


"Learn more and grow more. Thank you, Marc."


"Classy and convincing! As always!"


"We have achieved our goals."


"You are excellent."


"We have personally experienced major breakthroughs."


"You are the one who makes the impossible possible."

Ask yourself "How good do I really want to be?"

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Don't hesitate, dreams are just ideas until you take the first step to make them happen.

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